Owner of Blossom Counselling Service 


NDIS counsellor

Clinical Professional Supervisor   

 Social worker


Life coach


Registered Counsellor with:



The Australian Counselling Association

Level 2 Counsellor 






Australian Counselling Associations college of Supervisors



National Disability Insurance Scheme  









 I use a high level of micro skills and interpersonal skills, combined with industry knowledge, to deliver applications of theoretical frameworks and evidence based interventions. My approach is person-centered, socially-inclusive, trauma-informed and solution focused. I have performed comprehensive assessments and planned treatment strategies for clients with complex and co-morbid issues. I can work with children, adolescents, adults and the elderly and am quite adaptable in approaches used, apt to the nature of the organisation or clients I am working with. I am quite resourceful when sourcing referrals and have complied my own referral list which I constantly update to help me apply best practice for a range of client needs. In my spare time I am enrolled in many diverse themed, seminars and workshops to actively pursue my personal development. Besides expanding my knowledge extensively beyond traditional course work, these seminars have opened networking opportunities for myself with colleagues working in the community sector from all over Sydney, which can add value to the quality of services I can provide. I also have subscriptions to some of the largest organisations and inter-agencies in the areas I work in, to constantly keep me informed of geographically relevant resources and best practice. Equally I also maintain links with the international community sector via social media to say in touch with global resources and world-wide best practice.



International and domestic, refugees and asylum seekers who are victims of torture and violence

Grief and loss counselling

NDIS counsellor

Individual counselling 

Christian counselling


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